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Too good to be true?

You don't get anything for free these days, right? Wrong! We're so proud of our websites that we are offering you the option to use the website for free, not just for 7 days, or 14 days, not even for 30 days, but free forever!

Whether you want a personal website, or a business website, or even if you want to sell online, you can do it all on our free website builder.


So what do I get?

You get access to our free templates, so you can choose one of our designs to make your website look great. You also get access to our admin panel, allowing you to log in and make changes to your website, add or edit pages even add new blog articles.

If you are selling online then you can have up to 10 products active at any one time, so you can add as many products as you like, but only 10 active at any one time.

You get a personalised Superia domain such as or, even, not even that but all of our personalised domain names come with free SSL so you can make sure that any interaction with your website is fully encrypted keeping both yours and your visitors data secure.

You can also compare the free version to our paid plans here


So how do I get this free website?

You can sign up for a free website below, we don't need any payment details from you and you could be up and running in no time, plus if you get stuck you can utilise our support that comes with every site. You can either use our online chat, email or phone us for help and support.

Just click the Start Now For Free button below.

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