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Features: Subscriptions

Sell and manage subscriptions from your website

You can offer subscriptions for physical products like gift boxes or collectors boxes, or subscriptions to your actual website limiting access to people who do not have a valid subscription.

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Superia Subscriptions

Make controlling your customer subscriptions easy with Superia Subscriptions. Create multiple subscription levels, offer free trials and automate your renewals with ease.


Physical subscriptions

Sell subscriptions to physical products such as monthly food boxes, beauty boxes, gift boxes, collectors, boxes&hellip the potential is endless!

The system will make it easy for you to sell the subscriptions through Stripe or PayPal, and once a subscription is set up the renewals are all automated

Obtain your list of all active subscriptions so you can manage your stock ready to send out to your customers.

Automate your contact with your customers by letting them know when their subscriptions have renewed, or when their trials are ending.


Website Access Subscriptions

Sell subscriptions for website access, provide courses, videos, infomration and more by controlling access to certain parts of your website based on valid subscription levels.

Once a subscription ends or is cancelled the visitor will no longer be able to access the site until another valid subscription is purchased.

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