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Not all products are the same, some require additional information before they can be purchased, need personalisation, you got it, need to sell by width, height or depth, we got you covered

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unlimited product options

Unlimited product options

Products often come in different colours, sizes or have other options. You can create products with an unlimited number of options - Superia will even create all the possible variations for you, allowing you to set different prices, weights, stock levels and images for each one.

unlimited product photos

Unlimited product photos

As well as being able to set different images for product options, you can also upload an unlimited number of supporting images.

Front view, back view, side view, close ups…they all help your customers to really see a product and make a purchase.

variable priced products

Variable priced products

If you sell products where the price needs to vary dependant on the size (like sheet materials, custom mats or flooring), you'll love our variable pricing available on our paid plans.

Set the price per measurement (mm, cm, inch, etc) and your customers will be able to see dynamic prices based on the sizes they want.

Now you can easily price and sell products by length, width, height and depth!

1 click product clone

1 click product clone

Save time creating new products - just copy an existing product that is similar and change some of the details. It's super fast, super easy way to add products.

product bundles

Product bundles

One of the most powerful features we offer - bundles allow you to group together existing products and sell them as add on kits to other products at a regular or discounted price.

You can have several bundles per product allowing for configurable type products like computers, bicycles or radio controlled model kits.

Product Bundles is available on our paid plans.

product badges

Product badges

Add a badge to products to let customers know what's new, on sale, coming soon or even 'as seen on TV'. Superia comes with different sets of useful product badges and the Photoshop files to create your own!

product bundles

Intelligent image resizing

Superia intelligently resizes your product images so they never 'break' your website structure! now you can instantly change category pages from 3 to 4 (or more) products across without having to change a thing - no export/import routines and no valuable time spent manually resizing images.

You can also take advantage of WebP images and Lazy Loading in all product panels so your images load super fast and don;t slow down the loading of the page.


Instant ecommerce panels

Superia includes a variety of panels to help showcase your products. Easily display featured products, latest products, coming soon etc along with a shopping basket panel throughout your site.


Other Product Features

Show / hide products with a single click

Temporarily hide a product so it can't be seen by making it inactive with a single mouse click. When you're ready to reactivate it for sale, just click again and it will instantly reappear on your store.

Active stock control

Superia has various options to help you manage your stock levels. Set low stock levels and Superia will even alert you when stocks are low.

Product reviews

Display customer reviews and star ratings on your products and watch conversion rates climb! Choose to display reviews automatically or approve them before they go live on your store.

Call for price option

If your product prices change frequently or you just want to encourage customers to call you, just untick the 'show prices' box for that product and type in the message you want to display.

Customer wish lists

Now your customers can quickly add items to their wish list and then distribute it online to friends and family.

Image 'Zoom' feature

Upload larger product images and show your products in detail. When hovering over the product photo, the image is instantly replaced with a high resolution version allowing your customers to really see the detail in your products.

Bulk discounts / tiered pricing

Offer tiered discounts to customers that buy in bulk. You can reduce prices by percentage or value and quickly apply products to bulk discount groups.


Allow your customers to personalise products with text field combinations. Add price uplifts, max character limits and formatting rules.

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