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Superia does all of the hosting for you

You want to deal with your business and making money, you don't want to have to sort out hosting and server management on top of everything else, we deal with all of the hosting for you and make sure everything s running tip top.

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State of the art hosting

All websites are hosted on state of the art equipment with 99.99% uptime guaranteed. Data is shared across several drives to ensure that any hard drive failures mean that your data is protected.

Equipment is monitored 24/7, so any issues are identified and dealt with promptly.

We also take a nightly backup of all of your data, so if the worse was to happen we could get your site back up and running.


Dedicated hosting

If you require it then we can provide an individual server just for you, guaranteed to be the only hosted website on the server, you will also have your own database installation, all this means you can choose the hardware on the server and have super fast speeds without the contention of other hosted sites on your server.

The same uptime guarantee, 24/7 montoring and nightly backups will also occur on your own server.

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