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free stylish templates

Choose from our range of stylish, contemporary templates. They're all free to use and have been designed by experienced professionals.

You can easily customise them to make your site unique - simply upload your logo and you're ready to go!

With Superia, you don't need any technical skills to create your own stunning ecommerce website - saving you a fortune in design and development fees!

Free stylish templates
Need a web designer?

need a web designer?

Need something even more unique? Want to give your store an edge over your competitors? Talk to us about our bespoke design services - we offer a range of ecommerce website design packages from just £1,500.


Intelligent image resizing Exclusive Feature

Superia intelligently resizes your product images so they never 'break' your website structure! now you can instantly change category pages from 3 to 4 (or more) products across without having to change a thing - no export/import routines and no valuable time spent manually resizing images.


Intelligent image resizing

Lean, mean, fast loading machine

We don't use inline tables for one good reason, they create more code than is necessary. That means your store won't suffer from 'code bloat' making it faster to load and more search engine friendly. Your customers will love you for it and so will Google!

Instant ecommerce panels

Superia includes a variety of panels to help showcase your products. Easily display featured products, latest products, coming soon etc along with a shopping basket panel throughout your site.

Unlimited store layout combinations

You aren't stuck to a traditional 3 column format for the whole of your site. Create an unlimited number of layouts and easily apply them to different pages.