Do you offer a free trial?

We certainly do – in fact, we think it’s the best way to see how good Superia really is. All we need is an email address to send you the login details. Click to start your free 14 day trial.

Can you help me import my existing product and customer base?

Yes, in fact we offer ‘crossgrade’ deals if you want to move over from EKM, Actinic or Big Commerce. If you’re on another system, we should still be able to help – just drop us a message.

Can I use my own domain?

Yes, you can either use that domain straight away or you can build a development site and when that’s ready, switch it over to your ‘proper’ domain.

Do I need to transfer my domain?

That's entirely up to you, you can keep your domain where it is and change your name servers on your domain to point to our servers or you can transfer the domain to us.

It's usually free to transfer a domain to us, however for domains such as .com you will be charged for an additional 12 months renewal at transfer but this will be added to any subsequent months you have left.

Do I need an SSL certificate?

If you want your customers to remain on your site when taking payments (even via a payment gateway like SagePay, you’ll need an SSL certificate. If you want to use PayPal Express or SagePay Server you don’t need an SSL certificate. If you’re not sure, give us a call and we’ll help with your decision.

SSL certificates can be purchased through us, we’ll install it and make sure it’s setup correctly for you. Prices start from £80 for 1 year.

Can I upgrade at some point in the future?

Absolutely. You can upgrade at any time, to any level without any disruption to your site.

Are there any hidden costs?

You may need to purchase an SSL certificate (£80 per year) depending on the payment provider you choose to use, but other than that, there are no hidden charges.

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