We pay website designers who use Superia

it's true we pay designers a monthly commission for the life of any site they refer to us!

So you need a reliable, easy to use system with maximum design flexibility? Superia will give you that and more…and we’ll pay you for using us!

Whether your clients need a fully functioning ecommerce site, or a simple brochure website, Superia is a system you can recommend and use with confidence. We provide the system and all the support, so you can concentrate on designing great sites.


built for designers!

Superia gives you more design flexibility than ANY other ecommerce software on the market...and it’s built for designers (not developers). You don’t need to be an HTML code whizz - it’s all WYSIWYG based!

You can design in Photoshop and then use the Superia system to easily turn that design into the finished website.

If you are comfortable with CSS, Javascript and all that stuff, you’ll love the advanced areas where you can code to your hearts content!

Superia is perfect for busy (or lazy) designers!

If you’re pushed for time, or have created a design masterpiece, we can set it up for you quickly and easily for around £300-£500 (the price does depend on the complexity of the design).

Just email over a draft of the design and we’ll email you back with a quote for setting it up in the system.

we give you money!

In return for using Superia for your clients, we’ll pay you 20% of their monthly package fee, every month for the life of their site. We’ll add it all up and pay this to you twice a year. One payment in June – just in time for your holiday, and the other in December just in time for Christmas! Just to whet your whistle, we can tell you that our bestselling ‘pro’ package is £35 a month. So just one site will get you £84 every year. 5 sites and you’ve got yourself enough for a week in the sun...every year!

how to get started

  1. Take a look at the system and see what you think. You can sign up for a free trial here and have a poke around.
  2. The next client who needs a website, get them to buy the package they need through the Superia website (remember, we do basic CMS for brochure sites as well as the ecommerce packages) and then they can give you access to their site to begin your design work.
  3. Drop us a message within 8 weeks of your client’s purchase that you referred the site and we do the rest!
  4. Sit back and wait for your cheques!


You do the design, we provide the system and the support so there’s no headache for you. We’re real world experts, with a totally search engine friendly system designed, built, hosted and supported in the UK by happy, helpful people. Superia offer a 30 day money back guarantee, no transaction fees and no minimum term so there is no risk for your clients. Send them our way and get them to see what we can do for them.


got some questions?

Give us a call (it’s free) on 0800 228 9150 or send us a message.