Superia - dedicated ecommerce specialists

Our Story

Superia is a small team of amazingly talented, good looking and modest individuals who, through real world application (no dry theory for us!), have learnt the hard way about ecommerce, web design, search engine optimisation, marketing and running a business in general.

Believe it or not, we've owned ecommerce businesses, run ecommerce sites for other people and used other ecommerce and content management systems (some of them good and some of them, pullingly bad).

The System

We designed Superia to be the easiest, most efficient and flexible ecommerce solution around. Having used these other systems for ourselves, we were continually frustrated with their lack of...(let's be honest), thought and common sense.

It was clear to us that the owners of these other ecommerce software didn't actually run websites for themselves, otherwise they'd know that parts of their system didn't always work in a logical or efficient way.

So, we decided to build a better that was simple, easy to use, incredibly powerful but logical and flexible at the same time.