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Website Tips and Advice

Is your web page loading slowly? Try lazy loading...

Lazy Loading is a technique that delays loading of images when the page is first opened. They are instead loaded when called for. Meaning, if you don’t scroll to the bottom of the web page, the images placed there will not be loaded.

Speed up your website with WebP

Everybody wants their website to be faster, but how can we do that without cutting down on your content, well one way is to use WebP!

By converting your image type to WebP, it could improve your site load speed by up to 34%.

How to Use Adwords Like a Pro (Part 3)

how to use adwords like a pro

The last in our 3 part series on how to use Adwords like a pro!

How to Use Adwords Like a Pro (Part 2)

how to use adwords like a pro

The second in our 3 part series on how to use Adwords like a pro!

How to Use Adwords Like a Pro

how to use adwords like a pro

Adwords is, for a lot of businesses, an incredibly useful marketing pillar BUT only if it’s done right.

The key to getting Adwords working well, is to make your campaigns, ads and keywords extremely targeted. Find out how to use Adwords like a pro.

Top 10 Things NOT to do When Setting Up eCommerce Site

Based on our experience in setting up ecommerce sites and seeing literally hundreds of sites fail and flourish, we're going to run through our top 10 ecommerce pitfalls. The ten things not do when starting up in ecommerce.

Functionality Feature - Product Bulk Discounts

Use product bulk discounts to offer your customers savings if they buy multiple quantities of any product. Read more to find out about this powerful feature.

Changes to the Distance Selling Regulations - June 2014

With the Christmas peak fast approaching, we've done a handy recap of the recent Distance Selling Regulations to ensure that you're up to date with the lastest rules on refunds, returns and online sales.

Search Engine Optimisation - The Basics

Getting a first page result on Google for your website is one of the most important ways to get targeted traffic to your site. It isn't always easy to do this but with some perseverance and a reasonable amount of investment, you can achieve first page rankings.

10 Simple eCommerce Tips to Improve Conversion

Our latest article gives 10 simple tips for improving conversion rates on ecommerce websites. All of the tips are straight forward and shouldn't take more than an hour or so to implement.

7 Easy Ways to Transform Dull Website Content

Website content can often be dull and boring. In this article we give you 7 ways to radically transform limp, lifeless website content into something engaging that gets results.

The Simple Way to Write Website Content

Writing website content can be a daunting experience for the uninitiated. In this article we aim to provide a structured approach to writing great website copy and how to get off those starting blocks!