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System Update - Version 1.9.0

Superia UpdateToday we have released version 1.9.0 of the Superia system, which includes email greylisting spam protection, advanced import and advanced export options.

Here is a full list of the changes that have been made

The following features have been added;

  • Configuration > Import/Export - You can now set up advanced import and export jobs in CSV format.

The following modifications have been made;

  • Configuration > General > Store (PRO level and above) - If you have set bulk pricing you can now set whether your thumbnails show the original price or the lowest bulk price.
  • Configuration > Email
    • You can now enable greylisting anti-spam options on your mailboxes.
    • You can now see the message count of individual mailboxes
    • You can now see the size of individual mailboxes
    • You can now see the last login time of individual mailboxes
    • You can now set an automated email to email to a customer when their account is activated, 'Customer Account Activation'
  • Configuration > Payment (LITE level and above)
    • Barclaycard ePDQ (CPI) has now been removed as Barclaycard no longer offer this, if you were using this please upgrade to ePDQ (essential).
    • You can now select your preferred protocol version for SagePay Server, either 2.23 or 3. However test accounts will no longer support 2.23 and simulator accounts will not currently support 3. SagePay will discontinue protocol 2.23 as of July 31st 2015.
  • Store > Products (LITE level and above) - The SKU field is now mandatory.
  • Marketing > Promotional Codes (PRO level and above) - You can now set a promotional code to a limited number of uses per customer.
  • WYSIWYG editor - this has now been updated to CKEditor version 4.4.7.

The following fixes have been made;

  • Store > Products (LITE Level and above) - The product copy will now successfully copy the product tab information.
  • Sales > Orders (LITE Level and above) - Fixed a problem where SagePay Server transactions were not writing the delivery value correctly back to the order.
  • Product MetaData (LITE Level and above) - The product metadata has been updated to
  • Assign/Unassign products (LITE Level and above) - When assigning or unassigning products in bulk there is no longer a problem when the number of items is greater than 150
  • General Speed Imporovements - speed improvements have been made to data collection from the server.


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