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System Update - Version 1.8.0

Superia UpdateToday we have released version 1.8.0 of the Superia system, which includes bulk discounts on products.

Here is a full list of the changes that have been made

The following features have been added;

  • Store - Product Bulk Discounts (PRO level and above) - You can now set bulk discounts groups and assign them to products

The following modifications have been made;

  • Configuration - Email - Email Accounts - You can now set up an auto-reply for uses such as out of office messages, you can also set an automatic expiry when the message is removed.
  • Configuration - Templates (PRO Level and above) - You can use the variable [PRODUCT_BULK_PRICING_TABLE], in the product page content, to show the prices that will be charged after the bulk discounts have been calculated
  • Configuration - Payment (LITE Level and above) - PayPal Standard - If you are having trouble with PayPal delivery options you can now force the customer to choose their delivery method before they go to PayPal, however their delivery method may still change once in PayPal depending on their delivery address.
  • Content - Panels - You can now add slideshows to a panels content
  • Store - Products (PRO level and above) - You can now set bulk discounts on a per product basis
  • Sales - Orders (LITE level and above) - You can now send a confirmation email from the edit screen for orders that have not yet had a confirmation sent or for orders that have been edited.

The following fixes have been made;

  • Dashboard - Referrers & Keywords - This section has been removed for speed improvements.
  • Configuration - Regions & Tax (LITE level and above) - Croatia is now part of the EU, so the list has been updated.


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