System Update - Version 1.7.0

Superia UpdateToday we have released version 1.7.0 of the Superia system, which includes some new functionality for Product Tabs, advanced reporting and also a new directory module.

Here is a full list of the changes that have been made

The following features have been added;

  • Configuration - Reporting
    • A new way to report on your site stats, replacing the dashboard KPI's, you should now be able to report on desired items with a lot more control.
    • Visitors by Day/Week/Month/Year by date
    • Orders by Day/Week/Month/Year by date
    • Revenue by Day/Week/Month/Year by date
    • Bandwidth by Day/Week/Month/Year by date
  • Directory (Directory Module available seperately) - A new module for directories has been added where you can create multiple directory structures and list companies or individuals with images, contact information and descriptions.
  • Store - Product Tabs (LITE level and above) - You can now create global product tabs to display on the product pages.

The following modifications have been made;

  • Dashboard
    • The KPI overview has been removed, it was too slow to load, it has been replaced with a quick 7 day count of orders (LITE Level and above) and visitors
    • Several elements which may slow down the load time of the dashboard have been set to update after the page has loaded to speed it up.
  • Configuration - General - Website - You can now control the way the shadowbox deals with oversized images (Drag|Resize|None).
  • Configuration - Templates (LITE level and above) - You can now specify styles for the product tabs.
  • Configuration - Payment (LITE level and above)
    • Google wallet has now been removed as a payment method (more information).
    • PayPal Express will now send an unsuccessful payment attept email in the event of any problems.
  • Store - Products (LITE level and above) - You can now create product tabs to display on the product pages.
  • Content - Navigation (LITE level and above)
    • You can now select a brand page to link to without having to remember the URL.
    • You can now select brands as a drop down type which will automatically list all of your brands.
    • You can now set the drop down of a top level navigation item to be custom HTML so you can code your own mega menus.
  • WYSIWYG editor
    • the WYSIWYG editor has now been updated to CKEditor version 4.3.1.
    • A new plugin has been added to the WYSIWYG editor to allow you to more easily add YouTube videos to your content.

The following fixes have been made;

  • Store - Products (LITE Level and above) - fixed the ordering on product images so when they are created, exported or imported the order remains the same.


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