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System Update - Version 1.6.0

Superia UpdateToday we have released version 1.6.0 of the Superia system, which includes the addition of automated slideshows.

Here is a full list of the changes that have been made

The following features have been added;

  • Content - Slideshows - You can now set up your own slideshows which can be added to pages.

The following modifications have been made;

  • Content - Pages - If you have an SSL certificate you can now select whether a page should inherit the HTTPS of the previous page or force HTTP/HTTPS.
  • Content - Customers (MaxiCMS level and below)
    • You can now create notes for your website customers.
    • Notes created will now be marked with the user that created it.
  • Contacts - Contacts - You can now see a count of the notes on the contacts list
  • Store - Products (LITE level and upwards) - You can now set a product as discontinued, if the product is still active then this will render it unpurchasable.
  • Store - Badges (LITE level and upwards) - You can now copy a badge.
  • Marketing - Promotional Codes (PRO level and upwards) - You can now order the list of promotional codes by each of the field names.
  • Sales - Orders (LITE level and upwards)
    • The picking list has been updated to include the reported stock value for each item.
    • There is now a new order status of 'Despatched'.
    • You can now multi despatch items on the order list, this will create a despatch note and also email the customer of the despatched items if your despatch email is active and you have selected to email the despatch note.
    • You can now print multiple despatch notes from the order list, by multi selecting and then pressing the print desptach note icon.
    • Any notes created for a customer not associated with a specific order will now show within the notes tab.
    • You can now flag a note as having a warning against it.
    • Notes created will now be marked with the user that created it.
    • Any notes that exist with a warning flag against them will be alerted on the main orders list screen.
  • Sales - Customers (LITE level and upwards) - you can now create notes directly on the customer record as well as the order screen, these will not be assigned to any specific order.
  • Website
    • Products (LITE level and upwards) - Rich snippets for the product data has now been added to the product page.
    • Product results (LITE level and upwards) - The pagination on the product results page should now be relevant to the number of products you are displaying horizontally, so if you have 3 products across the pagination will start from 21 instead of 20 minimizing empty space at the end of the product results page.

The following fixes have been made;

  • Contacts - Contacts - The ordering has been sorted out to not reset when the page is changed.


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