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System Update - Version 1.5.1

Superia UpdateToday we have released version 1.5.1 of the Superia system, which includes the addition of Barclaycard EPDQ Essential payment gateway.

Here is a full list of the changes that have been made

The following features have been added;

  • None

The following modifications have been made;

  • Configuration - Payment (LITE level and upwards) - We have now incorporated Barclaycard ePDQ Essential as a payment provider
  • Configuration - General - Blog - You can now enable guest comments on blog articles.
  • Configuration - General - Store (LITE level and upwards) - You can now alter the layout of invoices and despatch notes
  • Content - Pages - If you have added some advanced CSS to a page then this is now loaded into the WYSIWYG editor as long as the CSS changes have been saved before opening the WYSIWYG editor.
  • Content - Redirects - You can now reorder your redirects.
  • Content - Blog - You can now copy a blog article.
  • Store - Delivery (LITE level and upwards) - You can now reorder your delivery methods so that they are used in this order on the website.
  • Store - Categories (LITE level and upwards) - You can now copy a product category.
  • Store - Products (LITE level and upwards)
    • When creating a new product, the release date will be defaulted to todays date.
    • Products with no release date will now be treated as unreleased and a 'Release TBC' message will appear on the product page.
    • You can now enter a minimum and maximum order quantity for a product.
    • Now when creating option values you can now set an uplift value for each product option, then when the variants are created any uplifts will be added to the variants to save you having to manually uplift each variant.
    • product variants now have pagination on them so that if you have many variants it doesn't take as long to load the list.
    • the creation and editing of product options has been rewritten to help speed things up if you have a high number of options and variants.
    • You can now add forms to the Product Description and Additional Description fields.
  • Website (LITE level and upwards)
    • When a person checks out, if the address on their customer account is blank it now gets populated with their billing address.
    • The brand pages have now been added to the sitemap.
  • Website - The allow contact checkbox has been added to the new account form.

The following fixes have been made;

  • Content - File Manager - the folder creator has now been updated to trim any trailing spaces that were causing errors when creating a folder.

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poppy said…
Great update guy's, thanks for all your hard work.

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