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System Update - Version 1.4.0

Superia UpdateToday we have released version 1.4.0 of the Superia system, which includes the addition of a Loyalty Point scheme.

Here is a full list of the changes that have been made

The following features have been added;

  • Marketing > Loyalty Points (PRO level and upwards) - You can now offer loyalty points to your customers.

The following modifications have been made;

  • Configuration > General
    • We have now added a Pinterest button to the social link buttons.
    • You can now set how to display your main blog and blog category pages, either the full article or the blog summary (default)
    • You can now set how to display the social links in the footer of your aricles, as displaying them on all the pages can slow the page down if you have a lot of articles.
    • You can now set a maximum number of blog articles to show on the main blog and category pages, as if you have a lot of articles it can slow down the page load times. This will not affect the blog archive which will show all of the articles for the dates chosen.
  • Configuration > Templates (PRO level and above) - you can now set a button image for the Redeem Loyalty Points button in the shopping basket
  • Configuration > Payment (LITE level and above) - PayPal Standard has now been moved into its own tab so that it can be used as an alternative payment method
  • Contacts (maxiCMS level and above) - As well as being able to addon the unlimited contacts feature, we have now added access to the contacts database to all users from maxiCMS level and upwards, there are limitations depending on which subscription you have which are as follows.
    • maxiCMS - 5 contact groups, 500 contacts
    • LITE - 5 contact groups, 500 contacts
    • PRO - 10 contact groups, 1000 contacts
    • EXPERT - 20 contact groups, 2000 contacts
    • EXCEL - Unlimited contact groups, unlimited contacts
  • Content > 404 Errors - Your can now multi select 404 errors to ignore or delete them.
  • Content > Forms - You can now use the variable [FORM_URL] within a hidden field which will then be replaced by the URL of the page the form was completed on
  • Content > Panels (LITE level and upwards)
    • you can now create a panel and manually add products to show in the panel.
    • You can now use a variable called [PRODUCT_BRAND_IMAGES] which will be replaced with all of your active product brand images with links to your brand page
  • Store > Products (PRO level and upwards) - You can now overwrite the loyalty point values on a per product basis.
  • Sales > Customers (PRO level and upwards) - You can view the loyalty points earned, redeemed and expired to date as well as viewing and editing the outstanding amount.
  • Sales > Customers - The customer group settings have now been moved into a seperate tab.
  • Website > Blog - The blog has been updated to show the summary instead of the full article on the main blog page and the blog category pages, but this can be altered by going to Configuration > General > Blog

The following fixes have been made;

  • Configuration > Layouts - Fixed an error that was stopping the pagination from working when selecting panels for the different columns
  • Configuration > Emails - Fixed an error that was displaying a zero figured discount line on the order confirmation emails if there was no discount.
  • Store > Products - Fixed an error with the product import that was ignoring some of the variant values.

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James said…
Great update guy's, keep it coming :)

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