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System Update - Version 1.15.0

Superia Update

Today we have released version 1.15.0 of the Superia system, which includes a new app store with the first app for TrustedShops integration, and Google Analytics Advanced Ecommerce.


The following features have been added;

  • Functionality Requests - You can now search the functionality requests
  • Configuration > Apps - You can now see a list of available apps along with ones you already have selected, turn apps on and off as you see fit.
  • Configuration > General > SEO - All Google Analytics integrations are now using the up to date analytics.js (Universal Analytics)
  • Configuration > General > SEO (LITE Level and Upwards) - Google Analytics now includes Advanced Ecommerce functionality to give everyone that extra bit of infomration about their products and purchase analytics
  • Marketing > Trusted Shops (Add from the apps area) - Easily add and control your Trusted Shops integration.

The following modifications have been made;

  • Admin - JQuery updated to version 3.3.1
  • Website
    • Product Page - Retrieval of product data has been more selective to try and speed the page load up
    • Search Results Page - When searching for products, the search now ignores apostrophes so that searching for "dogs" will now bring back both "dogs" and "dog's"


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