System Update - Version 1.1.2

Superia Update Today we have released version 1.1.2 of the Superia system, there have been quite a few alterations and improvements.

Here is a full list of the changes that have been made

The following modifications have been made;

  • Sitewide - A number of layout changes have been made to the system.
  • Configuration - General - The Configuration > Customers section has now been moved into a tab within Configuration > General
  • Configuration - Email - The email and signature settings have been moved from Configuration > General to Configuration > Email.
  • Configuration - Templates
    • An overhaul to how the fonts are set within the template, hopefully this will make the template a lot easier to use and cut down on the amount of options within the template so it doesn't look as daunting to a first time user.
    • In the header section you can now easily place either a text logo or an image.


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