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Site Showcase - myRaceKit


In this edition we're showcasing an incredible site that is a major player in a unique niche - Ultra Running. myRaceKit joined the Superia family in 2013 with a stylish redesign that not only redefined their brand but also highlighted their incredible expertise in their field.

Tell us a little bit about your business 

myRaceKit was born out of the original brand name of RaceKit which started like in 2009 based in Derbyshire owned by some phenomenal extreme athletes in Andrew and Amanda Heading. myRaceKit has donned the tradition of only promoting tried and tested kit with both Colin and Elisabet being ultra runners themselves. What is ultra running? Well any footrace that goes beyond the distances of a standard marathon and a prime example being our latest race that of the Grand Union Canal Race. We both took part in this years event running 145 miles non stop along the Grand Union Canal from Birmingham to London. So what myRaceKit does, is not only supply specific clothing and equipment for anything from running a local 5k, but also very specialist kit for desert, mountain, fell running at any given distance. On top of the is we both have a wealth of experience and knowledge that share to assist in our customers making the right decisions the first time.

Why did you choose Superia for your site?

When we took over the company we inherited a website that, although was mature, it was also quite restrictive. With Superia we soon learned that the hand cuffs were off and we had full autonomy to grow both the site and the business in a very dynamic and creative way. Everyone at Superia seemed to be instantly engaged with our vision and worked tirelessly at developing something that in parts was new to both parties. Superia embraces problems or stretching requests and turns them into imaginative and workable solutions. The only thing I honestly regret about Supreria is that we hadn’t discovered it before.

What's your favourite thing about Superia?

Bizarre as it may seem the favourite thing about Superia is the back end, working on the site is enjoyable and you can see instant results. It has so many features, once you understand the impact of each, gives you the autonomy to respond instantly to changing trends and market demands.

Tell us about any successes you’ve had since using Superia 

The biggest success to date, bearing in mind it is only six months old is the customer feedback which invariably goes along the line of the site being more than just a shop but a world of advise from like minded people which is presented in a very visual way.

What are your favourite three products that you sell?

Our favourite three products is a tricky one as our range is very dependant on the given environment. It is easier to identify our three favourite brands those being X-Bionic, which is some of the most technically developed running clothing you can get and it actually works. Like the Superia website we get so much great feedback from the full range of X-Bionic clothing. Ultimate Directions has to be the next one and especially the Signature series which has been developed in close association with a few of the worlds top ultra runners. When you invest in an Ultimate Direction Race Vest you are investing in something that works for all runners. Finally our favourite brand of socks being Injinji (the toe socks) we have run on trails, mountains, deserts and now along a canal in Injinji and we both find the socks to be phenomenal for both runners and walkers alike. 

Anything else that’s interesting or relevant?

Like us Superia never stands still, it is always developing and pushing the boundaries, we’re ultra runners and even we find it hard to keep up with the Superia team!!


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