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Site Showcase - Garment Films


garment films

In this edition we're showcasing - one of the UK's newest suppliers of heat transfer films. Garment Films joined the Superia family in 2013, initially using one of our free templates. That site helped to build the DaeHa UK brand, and after just 18 months, the company was ready for Superia redesign.

Garment Films make excellent use of our 'tiered pricing' or 'bulk discounts' module. This allows them to set increasing discounts for larger quantities of film purchased. It also helps them to manage their stock control as every metre is now counted and automatically reduced in the system on purchase.

The redesign focused on a clean, modern style that showcased the product range. Links to the product ranges on the home page guide the customer to the most relevant product or range. The product page uses a graphical 2 step process to help guide the customer through the buying process, helping to maximise conversion.

Since the redesign, sales and conversions instantly increased. Since then, the company has moved into larger premises and successfully exhibited at a number of prestigious trade shows throughout the UK.

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