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Functionality Feature - Product Bulk Discounts


The Product Bulk Discounts function is an incredibly useful tool if you want to reward customers with cheaper prices when buying multiples of the same product. The functionality allows you to set multiple tiers, each with a different level of discount.

So, let’s say you sell cardboard boxes. You might set up a Bulk Discount Group like this:

  Threshold Discount Type  Discount Amount
Tier 1  25  Percentage 5%
Tier 2  50 Percentage 7.5%
Tier 3   100 Percentage 12%
Tier 4 250 Percentage 15%


In the illustration above, ordering up to and including 24 boxes would be the standard price (no discount). Ordering between 25 and 49 would result in a 5% discount. Ordering between 50 and 99 would result in a 7.5% discount. Ordering between 100 and 249 boxes would result in a 12% discount and ordering any amount over 250 boxes would result in a 15% discount.

You can set discounts to be either a percentage or fixed monetary amount.


Groups Vs Individual Products

There are two ways you can create bulk discounts. The first is using a Bulk Discount Group. This allows you to add products to that group and any assigned products instantly have the discount tiers applied to them.

If you update the tiers in a bulk discount group, all the products in that group are instantly updated, saving you considerable time.

The second way is at a product level. This allows you to create specific tiers just for that product.

For added flexibility, you can actually mix the two! So you can have a product assigned to a bulk discount group and then apply additional tiers to just that product at a product level.


Product Bulk Discounts are available on our Pro, Expert and Excel plans. If you’re on Lite and would like to use the bulk discounts feature, please contact us to upgrade.


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