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Scammers are trying harder and harder to get ourdetails or scam money from us, use this tool to try and find out if an email or text you have recieved is a scam.


If you have recieved an email or a text message from a third party claiming to click on a link to fill out details then you should be vigilant, first of all think if you should be recieving the email or text, are you a customer of theirs, if not then the chances are it's a scam. Even if you do normally use their services you should still be careful. Check the link points to the actual website of the company and it's not a made up domain that has nothing to do with them. For example if you recieve an email from the Royal Mail the domain in the link should be and not something like


Hermes Scam

Even though Hermes is a legitimate company, scammers can pose as them to send scam emails or text messages, here is a real life example of a text message that should not be trusted.

Type: Text message

From: +44 (0)7796 490737

Message: Hermes: Hi, we have missed your delivery today. Please visit to book a redelivery and pay the subcharge of 1.45 (GBP).

Reason: You may receive this if you are expecting a delivery from Hermes or not, the URL should not be visited, the domain is not a valid Hermes domain, also the word subcharge is not correct so the use of English is poor.


Scam check

If you believe you have had a scam email or text message then fill in the form below, we will endeavor to get back to you with whether or not you should trust it, and if not we will add it to our list.

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