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Get a business email account for your domain, business email accounts look more professional and instill trust.

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Superia Email

On all pain plans with Superia you will get at least 1 email mailbox, once an email mailbox has been set up you can connect to the mailbox using any email client such as GMail, Outlook, Mac Mail or Thunderbird. Once you append a domain to your website such as then you will be able to send and recieve email to an email account such as [email protected], this looks much more professional than using a GMail or hotmail email address.


Email Forwarders

Not only that but you can also set up multiple email forwarders, or aliases, these are not real mailboxes but they just reroute email from specific email addresses to another email address, so if you only have a single website set up such as [email protected] which you can send and recieve from, but you would also like to recieve email to say [email protected] then you can set up a forwarder from [email protected] to forward to your [email protected] mailbox. All paid plans come with unlimited email forwarders.

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